Friday, October 10, 2008

To My Baby Yulanda

For the one that i love, I'm so glad God sent you to me. I use to pray that God would help me find the right person to share my love... I prayed for a soul mate someone who'd understand me in a place beyond words... I prayed for a partner to help me be the best person that i could be.... A guiding light to help me keep the faith through life twists and turns.... Then one day, God answered my prayer. He sent you to me, and ever since I've never stopped believing in the amazing love he's giving us to share.

Yulanda my mission statement to you is to
Love You, love you and love you more.

Love you so much


Yulanda said...

You compliment me, I compliment you. I am so glad that our paths crossed 12 years ago. God was working on both of us during this time. HE knew what he was doing even though you did not agree with my decision at first for us to be the best friends that we have grown to be. This is exactly what every marriage needs...for each to be there for one another. So it will just be second nature for us.

I will love you always.

Anonymous said...

Hey yall this is cyn cyn. i am so happy for you 2, james take care my girl she is your queen and landa be the women God has called you to be to your king. I pray that God will bless your marriage beyond measure. Be bless yall