Sunday, October 19, 2008

Phoenix Bridal Show @ University of Phoenix Stadium

Okay, Cooky and I went to the bridal show today. When I was going table to table I was just collecting information to see what is out here in Arizona. I was excited to go and skeptical not really knowing what to expect. I brought a suitcase with me to the show. I was prepared to obtain as much as I could...I wasn't playing!!!

It was a alot of vendors there telling you about their services and looking at all the pretty cakes. Unfortunately, I did not taste many cakes because I do not do fillings that well. But I did come out of my element and tried a few. They were ok to me and probably the best to others.

Very nice presentations of cakes

And they can even add my "C's" on the boxes for my Coach

Can I tell you that I was not overwhelmed while at the show. Do you know when it hit me. Later this evening when I looked into the suitcase filled with cards, pamphlets, books, and papers. I looked in there and was like: WOAH!!! I didn't realize how much we collected until hours later when I woke up from my nap.

Whats the next step...going through the suitcase and organizing the items. Then seeing what we will potentially want and do some tours. OH MAN!! James you are so lucky not to live here in Arizona. But you best believe that your visits will be full of visits to the vendors as well. That's what love is all about. No I'm playing Honey. I know that you want to be here and help in every step of the planning. Right now it is just the beginning stages and I am doing the leg work to get the information for us to make our ultimate decisions for our special day.


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