Friday, November 28, 2008


Well I apologize for not updating sooner. Here is the update...

Went to the Bridal Expo and I was very disappointed. All the vendors that was scheduled to be there was not there. I was done in about an hour. We even went to a couple of booths twice. We did not wait for the fashion show - that was another 1.5 hours. SO what did we do, we went to Hard Rock Cafe (Downtown Phoenix) and had dinner. After dinner we went to my booster meeting for football. This was also election night for officers for next year.

I ran for co-vice president. Say congrats to me. Starting Jan 09 (I believe), I will begin my new role. Currently I am the historian for the football boosters. I have served in this role for two consecutive years and it was time for change. SO I decided to run for co-vice presidency. I received a lot of support. There was even some support and suggestions that I run for Pres next year. We will have to see about that one since Darius will be a senior next year. I will have to seriously pray on that. So for right now let's just take one day at a time.

Wow, check this out. My post is supposed to be on the Bridal Expo and I talked more about the football boosters. Ha Ha that is funny.

Well next week I will be making some calls to reception halls to set up appointments to visit their locations and maybe even a food tasting. Who said planning a wedding is is to a certain pointe, but not something that I want to do forever.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Next Tuesday...

I will be going to a Bridal Expo. I am so excited about this. I am now a little ahead of the game as to what I am looking for. One from the bridal show I went to last month, and then from this fabulous wedding book that Rebecca (my co-worker) gave me as a gift. This book rocks!!!! Thanks Rebecca. It gives me some neat questions to ask the vendors, some ideas, and different folders to store things of my liking. Man I love this book. I was looking for a book and Rebecca was reading my mind.

I will be posting my experience from the Bridal Expo. Wish me luck. Hopefully it is a big event.

I am so excited.