Sunday, October 12, 2008

cont. from "He popped the question"

Ok where did I leave off. Oh yeah, the flowers came and then he stepped around the corner. Wow what a surprise.

He came over to me and kissed me and then asked me to take off my promise ring. I asked him why was he taking it. So then he stated where would you like for me to put it. I then put it in my pocket...I think anyway's.

He began to profess his love for me for the past 12 years. How he is glad that God sent me his way. He said that he knows that he has made mistakes in the past and one of the mistakes was letting me go (essentially hiding his feelings behind our friendship). When I gave you the promise ring earlier, I told you that i was going to be there forever, now would you do me that honors and become my wife. But here is the kicker, he had this costume ring that he was placing on my pinky finger. I looked at it like okay this mofo done lost his mind!!! Before I knew it, yeah I did what no one would ever dream of doing...I slapped him....Honey I am sorry, I didn't mean it. But that was the highlight of it all because he never saw it coming. He was like OH WOW.. then he asked my son to give him the real ring. I turned to my son as asked how and when did he get the ring. Well basically the rest is history. He really popped the question again and I said YES!!!

During the whole thing I was teasing him because his hands was shaking. When I realized what he was going to do I started to tell him he had to get down on his knee, but I promise you, he probably wouldn't be able to get up since he was so so so nervous.

I will post the photos from Thursday of the family. I might even post the video (not sure if i want to embarrass my sweetie just that much more.


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